We are pleased at the turn out for our first photo contest at Gecko Time. We had 20 submissions, which is great for our first few weeks of being online! Listed below are the photos entered. The are titled as follows: #Number: Title by Name. Please take a look through the photos and vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom of this post.

Remember, the winner of this contest will receive 1,000 mealworms shipped to their door or two months of premium advertising on Gecko Topsites.


1: Nephrurus levis pilbarensis het albino by Stefan Brech

2: Flower Hat by Emiy Spreitzer

3: Praise the Lord by Daidra Salyers

4: Rhacodactylus by Ida Duplantier

5: Zimt Shedding by Ashley Bollman

6: Kratos by Jess Butler

7: Chocolate Tang Tremper Albino by Brandon

8: Enigma by Gary Uno

9: polka dot by David Setzer

10: Becky by Lare Hardy

11: The power of the Bell is upon you! by Chris Smith

12: Cutie Potuties! by Kalah Nelms

13: Viper Gecko by Christian Meer

14: Lick it, Lick it Good by Ali

15: Gecko Love by Gecko Nation

16: Red Stripe Enigma by James Dunn

17: P. Masobe – The aliens have landed!!! by Ethan

18: Nephrurus levis levis; happy by Ira Leventhal

19: I can play? by Derek Clawson

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Voting is limited to one per person but you can invite friends! Feel free to email, post on your website, or forums to try to win! Also, make sure to subscribe to our feed via email or RSS to stay up to date and learn who won! Voting will close March 30th at 12PM eastern time.

Keep an eye out this week for an in depth interview coming up this Monday with NERD about their stunning Tokay gecko morphs!

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